Welcome inQubees!

My name is Selma Franssen and I’m very excited to join the Digital Leadership Institute as a Communications Director and Community Manager for inQube – female digital accelerator!

I believe tech skills can help women start a business, launch or improve their career, and break free from traditional career structures. Tech skills can be learned from the comfort of your couch and often for free. I often think that learning HTML when I was 14 years old has been more valuable for my career than obtaining a university degree.

Through the workshops we organize at inQube and our online learning platform, we aim to create a friendly and inspiring community both offline and online where women can meet and exchange knowledge. Do you want to become a better public speaker, learn 3D-printing or improve your LinkedIn Profile? inQube has you covered!

Check out our calendar and join us at our next event.

xx Selma


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