Move It Forward+ Project Launch

In December 2019, inQube‘s unique Move It Forward event and methodology became the subject of Move It Forward+ (“Move It Foward Plus”), an European Union-funded Erasmus+ project promoting greater participation of women in digital entrepreneurship.

The objective of the Move It Forward+ project is to develop methodologies and offer a new range of activities in the fields of collaboration, mentoring and developing relationships with the private sector and, especially for women looking to launch (digital) entrepreneurship projects.

The project deliverables include the creation of a Move It Forward platform and network for organisations wanting to act in the file of the support of women, a duplication of the Move It Forward event with its methodologies, activities and design, and the development of a toolkit focused on mentorship and CSR practices.

The Move It Forward+ project consortium is made up of the following partners:

The Move It Forward+ project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.